Montag, 15. Januar 2007

Blind Dates

Skype, the scourge of the modern information society!
How should I do my Job and protect the Hospital, when my Boss, lovely Lisa Cuddy, is not around, hangs out in chat rooms or forgets to give me necessary information?
As if that is not enough, this lovely woman makes me work much longer than my contract committs me to. No, I don´t hang around in dusty offices working on old files. My Office is that club in New Jersey, called "Blue Eye." My husband slowly starts argueing about my working hours. Especially, when I spend them in a Club, that is full of singles in my age. Horny singles, for wich I´d just be perfect.
Well, what should I do? Cuddy is a little chicken-hearded so she doesn´t want to meat her WWW-Dudes alone. By the way, I must admit, that I found some good looking men either. Even though I´m married, it´s funny to go out with her, have a little fun, enjoy that I still seem to be sexy for other men,...
Who would cre about a little adventure? Unfortunately Marc is not the right man for adventures. Greg was more the adventurer, although he was a very bitter adventurer. My little Anti-Hero,...
What the hell I´m writing here?
Just forget it, it´s better to stop here before I´m writing something really silly!

Freitag, 29. Dezember 2006

Today in History

Dezember the 29th, 2006 a.d.
The nights were neither silent nor holy!
My husband and I tried to have a calm and romantic Christmas, but Cuddy had other plans!
Christmas at Las Vegas! 
Great idea!
I missed just the Elvis with the Santa-Claus-Costume. Flashing Lights, Cesars Palace Special X-mas glogg, that tastetlike alcohol with eggs and a Buffet, that made me weight 6(in words SIX) pounds more within 2 days.
Memo to myself: Go on vacation over Christmas before Cuddy feels alone, just because she is 38 years old an still not married. Does she really think, everybody has to share her agony?
Does she really think I don´t have better things to do than sitting around with this woman, wtching her getting drunken and wait till one of the men in the room has mercy with her and takes her to his room?
Well, now it makes no more sence to talk about that. We´ll see what the next year will bring. I´ll find a way to pay that back!